To Live Is to Listen to MetallicA

Metallica songs have been used in these Television programs

"Seek & Destroy" was used in a 2002 television ad for Vans Shoes featuring
Tony Trujillo (no relation to Robert Trujillo).
Am I Evil and Creeping Death can be heard on 2 different occasions in
episodes of Jackass.
King Nothing, The Memory Remains, and The Small Hours are featured in three
episodes of The Sopranos.
Fuel was the main theme for NBC and TNT’s NASCAR coverage from 2001 until 2003.
"St. Anger" was the official theme song of World Wrestling Entertainment
(WWE)'s SummerSlam pay-per-view event in August 2003.
In the Smallville episode "Exile", "Frantic" is heard while Clark Kent stops
a bank robbery and proceedes the steal the money himself, while under the
influence of red kryptonite.
In supernatural 'some kind of monster' is hummed on the plane in "Phantom Traveler"
to calm himself down.  The brothers often listen to Metallica, thus giving their
1967 Chevy Impala the name "The Metallicar."
Sports Tonight in Australia, have been known to use Metallica songs with sports footage
The God That Failed is in a South Park Episode. Metallica is in a south park episode.
Call Of Ktulu and I think it was Green Hell have been used on episodes of Wildboyz.
Dyers Eve was featured in the pilot of "I Love Lucy" ??
Enter Sandman was used in the SOPRANOS show (background music in a bar)
Beverly Hills 90210: In one episode, Dylan (Luke Perry) is being attacked by a gang
of youths. One of the thugs sits on Dylan's chest and and begins singing 'Ride The
Lightning' as he is punching him repeatedly in the face.
Gladiators in Australia used 'Enter Sandman'
The Simpsons - "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife, and Her Homer" - Master of Puppets
The Darwin Awards - No Leaf Clover, Sad But True
Metal: A Headbanger's Journey - Master of Puppets
The Devil and Daniel Johnston - Master of Puppets
Rock Bottom: From Hell to Redemption - Nothing Else Matters
Biker Boyz - We Did It Again
The Pledge - Poor Twisted Me
A program on oxycontin used for Health class in schools had 'The Unforgiven II' in it
BBC1 used an acoustic 'Orion' as the backing music to a piece on cauliflowers
Songs of Praise have played 'Sad but True'in the UK
Swedish idol often plays metallica song´s on their "rock theme" night..
A little show about the Icelandic Swat Team played '...and justice for all' in the background
An ad for a movie on Polish television used 'Orion' as the background music
Polish version of 'Dancing with the Stars' orchestra once played Enter Sandman
Polish version of 'You Can Dance' used the first 4 powerchords of 'Master of Puppets'
Brainiac, UK, played 'I Disappear' during a male v female staring contest
The One Show, UK, played 'my friend of misery' bass
Rock Doc show have played 'enter sandman'
Turkish news played acoustic version of 'Unforgiven and Nothing Else Matters' in the background of footage of
an African tribe trying to gather food
on the english kids show blue peter they played a clasical verson of fade to black
numerious MetallicA songs on SPEED channel from time to time....The coolest one was Fuel playing for wind
Tunnel's weekly 'Eye Candy' segment....when the part "..Fuck 'em man, white knuckle tight.." came up...they censored 'fuck' with an airench
The Morning Show (Australian Version) played MetallicA's Turn The Page in the background to a segment talking about what songs you play to your unborn babies Dec 2008 and in March 2009 played 'Bad Seed' while going to a commercial.
Today Tonight March 2009 played MetallicA's 'Whiskey in the Jar' as background music for the weather report
Australian Open Melbourne played 'Broken Beat & Scarred' during the Tennis January 2010
Carlton v Collingwood round 18 Saturday July 31 2010 'That Was Just Your Life' was played
'One' was played at the start of a War Story on the 7pm Project Channel 10 29/12/1010

September 5,  2006
James Hetfield's and Kirk Hammett's voices will appear as cameos in the new Adult Swim series, Metalocalypse!

This weeks episode of Metalocalypse just had a cameo by James.
Lorkey (sailor): James

Another episode of Metalocalypse, another cameo for James and Kirk!
Troll: James
Barkeep: Kirk

James and Kirk were not in episode 2, but they were in episode 3! Check out the images below!

Queen of Denmark: Kirk          Sniper: James

Did you spot James and Kirk in the premiere episode of Metalocalypse? Here they are!
Fan #1: James    Fan #2: Kirk

Metallica songs have been used in these Films

Altered versions (most likely covers) of Sad But True, Holier Than Thou, and Wherever I May Roam appeared in the theatrical trailer for 'Army Of Darkness'.
The Finnish classical cello trio, Apocalyptica, has their versions of Enter Sandman, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), and "Wherever I May Roam" in the 1998 Ben Stiller film "Your Friends and Neighbors'.
A shortened version of"Master of Puppets" is featured in the movie 'Old School'.
"Motorbreath" is featured in the movie 'Any Given Sunday'.
"Fight Fire with Fire" is featured in the movie The Northwestern Movie'.
"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)", Orion, and The Call of Ktulu are prominently featured in the documentary film 'Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills', marking the first significant use of their music in feature films. The follow up film 'Paradise Lost 2: Revelations' also uses the song Fixxxer.
'School of Rock' play 'The Wait' covered by Metallica
Snoop Dog used Sad But True in his movie "Only The True Heroes Survive"
'Mission Impossible 2' - I Disappear
'The Darwin Awards' -  Footage of a Metallica concert is seen in the background of the Two Friends trying to
get into the concert without tickets.
'Hesher' - five Metallica songs... The Shortest Straw, Fight Fire With Fire, Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth), Battery, and Motorbreath all can be heard at some point during the action.

TV Shows that have used MetallicA songs as their title

Californication - Season 4, Ep 48 '...And Justice For All'
Supernatural - Season 6, Ep 117 'Unforgiven' 


"Seek & Destroy" was featured in the PlayStation game WCW Backstage Assault.
”Fuel” opens the video games Test Drive Off Road: Wide Open and PlayStation’s “Hot Wheels Turbo Racing”.
Whiplash is featured in Tony Hawk's Underground 2.
The fighting game series Guilty Gear makes extensive references to Metallica, as well as other metal and rock bands. Many moves are named after Metallica songs, such as Testament's "Master of Puppets" trap and Ky Kiske's "Ride The Lighting" Overdrive.
One of the skills in ArenaNet's MMORPG Guild Wars is called "Ride the Lightning".
In the World of Warcraft expansion pack, The Burning Crusade, the gnome outpost in the Blades Edge Mountains has a quest called "Ride the Lightning" in which you must get struck by 25 lightning bolts.
"One" is in the game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.
On Tony Hawk's Underground, Skater Chad Muska shows off his car by turning up the music and he says "It's Louder Than A Metallica Concert In There!".
Enter Sandman is a main setlist song in the game Rock Band. There is also a downloadable Metallica Pack which features Ride The Lightning, Blackened and ...And Justice For All. According to the games website One will be available for download soon as well as the first single from Metallica's upcoming album.


"Enter Sandman" opens home games for the Kansas Jayhawks and WCHA Wisconsin Badgers, along with Virginia Tech Hokies football games. It is also the entrance music for New York Yankees' closer Mariano Rivera and New York Mets’ closer Billy Wagner.
"Enter Sandman", as covered by Motörhead, was used as entrance music for Extreme Championship Wrestling's Sandman.
Harvester of Sorrow has been played as Chicago White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko comes up to bat.
Houston Astros players Jeff Bagwell and Mike Lamb exclusively use Metallica tracks for their at-bat music. Bagwell has even been quoted as emulating the "James Hetfield look" in "Sixty Seconds with Jeff Bagwell", an in-game segment.
"Seek & Destroy" was Professional wrestler Sting's theme song in World Championship Wrestling.
For Whom the Bell Tolls is played at Soldier Field each time the Chicago Bears score a touchdown, and at intermission of Montreal Canadiens games.
"Fuel" is played during face-off breaks at Belfast Giants games.
"Master of Puppets" is played as the Toronto Maple Leafs come out after every period
New York Mets starting pitcher John Maine uses "Seek & Destroy" during pregame warm-ups.
"Devil's Dance" is played as Jeff Conine comes to bat.
"Fuel" was the theme song used for NASCAR broadcasts on NBC and TNT from mid-2001 to the 2003 seasons. (It was also used for the 2004 coverage of the Daytona 500, but not as the theme song.) However, during portions of the 2001 season, the opening scream used in the opening was removed because of its close association with terrorists in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The pre-release version of the song entitled "Fuel For Fire" (with different lyrics) appears on the NASCAR Full Throttle CD.
At Rutgers Football games, when there is a third down on defense, "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays with the entire student section miming playing a guitar with three fingers.
The 2007 West Virginia University Mountaineer football team used the song when running out of the tunnel before games, as part of a new tradition. While the song was played, clips from past WVU would play (such as Steve Slaton's 52 yard touchdown run in the 2006 Nokia Sugar Bowl.)
Eric Hinske (baseball player) uses Shortest Straw when he comes to bat.
Casey Blake of the Indians uses the Unforgiven in every AB, so does Travis Haffner!
The V8 Supercars coverage uses Fuel, Attitude, Memory and I Disappear a fair bit
on an episode of 20 to 01 (during a segment on the '07 Tour de France) they used 'I Disappear'
Enter Sandman at NFL stadiums, for kickoffs.  When Dan Marino accepted his ring of honor at the Dolphins stadium they played either Enter Sandman or Sad but True. 
Tracks from S&M used to be used in V8supercar telecasts too
Any Given Sunday has Whiplash and Motorbreath
'St. Anger' was used at summerslam 2003
Enter Sandman-NFL, (several stadiums) MLB (Yankee Stadium) NBA (Madison Square Garden)
Frantic-Sports videos
I disappear-NFL video
NHL plays 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' (Intro) for the Pens
The NBA always uses Enter Sandman during games.
Houston Rockets (basketball) use Enter Sandman after they have been introduced.
Many NHL Venues play Puppets and/or Sandman quite regularly. At least one Metallica song per hockey game
Aberdeen v Copenhagen in the UEFA Cup in December on Sportscene on BBC 2 Scotland played 'Hero Of The Day' at the end
introduction to Australian Football League played 'Enter Sandman'
Figure Skaters have been known to use metallica songs as their music


Master of Puppets and The Shortest Straw open the radio show "The Savage Nation," hosted by Michael Savage. He also uses various other Metallica songs in regular bumper music rotations.
"Enter Sandman" opens Tom Leykis's radio show.
"Fuel" opens financial commentator Jim Cramer’s radio show and podcast.
Master of Puppets is a regular music bumper on the Opie & Anthony show.
the drum begining of Dirty window on a radio, a woman was reporting news, and as she stopped talking, the drums started to play
The radio uses Metallica songs to introduce Mandatory Metallica...
James Hetfield's voice shouting "ARE YOU READY!!!!!!!!!!!!" at the start of a trailer for some event,
and his guitar giving it some kick ass feedback!

for any links to footage of MetallicA interviews, tv guest appearances go to Welcome Home Sanitarium on Facebook.

Individual Projects

Lars did a voice for a cartoon dragon in an episode of the Disney Channel show Dave the Barbarian
James voice has been used in the cartoons Dave the Barbarian, Metalocalypse and The Simpsons
James Hetfield and Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett provided voice-overs for the
Adult Swim TV show "Metalocalypse."
James can be heared singing the vocals in a short heavy song called "Little Boy, You're Going To Hell"
during the part when Kenny goes to hell
Kirk co-composed a song called 'Satan' with the British Dance act 'Orbital' for the movie 'Spawn' 1997
Kirk did a collaboration with Orbital a few years back on the track 'Satan' from the Spawn soundtrack.
He also played with Tool not so long ago along with Flux Quartet.
Lars produced a few records for bands a few years ago and co-owned his own record label, along with
performing with various artists live.
Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has contributed guitar work to Carlos Santana's "All That I Am," due
September 13 2005.
"Let it Ride", a film about legendary snowboarder Craig Kelly narrated by James Hetfield and the
soundtrack includes PEARL JAM, METALLICA, THE DOORS, JOHNNY CASH and EDGAR WINTER, among others.
Guest appearances
Hetfield sang the background vocals on "Twist of Cain" and "Possession" by Danzig on the first Danzig album, although was uncredited for contractual reasons.
He sang the background vocals on "Man or Ash" on the Corrosion of Conformity album Wiseblood in 1996 a sticker featured on the album boasts Hetfield's contribution.
He played guitar on "Eclectic Electric" from the Primus album Antipop.
Though previously believed to have been Trey Parker, the song "Hell isn't Good" from the motion picture South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut was actually sung by Hetfield, who admitted to doing so in 2000, confirming what many Hetfield fans had already recognized as his trademark growling singing style.  (which is not on the soundtrack album)
Hetfield sang on the Gov't Mule song "Driving Rain" with fellow guest Les Claypool, which appears on the compilation album Crank It Up with NASCAR.
He also performed at the Outlaws Concert in 2004, alongside Hank Williams Jr., Cowboy Troy,Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, and Kid Rock. Hetfield played one of close friend Waylon Jennings's songs, "Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out of Hand", the very same he recorded on the tribute album to Jennings, I've Always Been Crazy. At this same event he performed Metallicas "Mama Said" with the widow of Waylon Jennings, though this was cut from the television broadcast
James Hetfield is a contributor to the book, 'Art of the Chopper II by Tom Zimberoff, a foreword by James Hetfield accompanies almost 600 images in the book.
James Hetfield new movie 'Absent' 2011 a documentary about the Absence of Fathers in some childrens lives


Metallica Commercials

There was a commercial around 2000 with them all in a studio.  Music website?
John Cleese was the main dude in the commercial.  Cleese interrupts the studio
'session' to ask them or tell them about this product. It was for

also around the time of the "Metalli-Vision" webisodes from the M2k tour.
This commercial was one where James' hair was long and slicked back.  Not long
after Load/Reload.

there's an ad where 'Fuel' gets used for a space prog/film but don't know the film

There was also the NHL (National Hockey League) one James Hetfield is in it! 
Nothing Else Matters is playing in the background.  It's a commercial for the
95-96 playoffs.  Click on link below

Lars appears in a Napster commercial, very very funny:D
one of the waylon brothers is in it.  Click on link below

Commercial for a record store, you don't see Metallica but Enter Sandman is playing
Musica The Soul Store.  Click on link below


mtv.icon commercial, with lots of metallica footage.  Click on link below 


Guitar Hero MetallicA - best commercial ever!

If you have any information on any of these commercials or ones that I have
not mentioned, please let me know, thanks!


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